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    A popular saying goes thus: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The myriad of challenges faced by the education sector in most developing countries makes it essential to congregate as a strong force to tackle education challenges as one to achieve the unified goal for educational development.

    SEED advocates for improvement in public education systems as this is what is ideal. However in most developing countries, affordable private schools are currently bridging the gap in the ecosystem in educating children from low-income households. Hence, our advocacy work covers both public and affordable private schools to ensure “No Child Is Left Behind”. Its all about the children.


    Be A Voice For Public Education

    Our work at SEED is to promote the “Education for All” agenda, thus we fight for reforms in our public education systems. Our goal is to ensure that children (especially marginalised groups) have increased and progressive government spending on quality public education. Through partnerships and coalitions, we’ll continually work towards reforming our public education system as we know and understand its the true path for sustainability.

    Our core objectives for the public education system advocacy include: increasing the share of the national budget allocated to and spent on free, quality and inclusive public education; mobilising grassroots movement towards scrutinising education budgets and expenditure and holding the governments to account for the provision of free, quality, inclusive public education; and providing policy recommendations to government to ensure inclusivity for marginalised groups.

    Advocacy Malala

    We Go Far When We Go Together

    SEED encourages its affordable private schools to register with and engage actively in school-based associations. These school-based organisations serve as Advocacy Organisations (AOs) to forward the challenges, opportunities, contributions and prospects of their member schools and SEED acts as a aggregation platform to present issues to relevant authorities.

    SEED currently works on advocacy issues such as the reputation, funding, policy and business environment with the Coalition of Private Schools.