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  • SEED Launches Nigeria’s 1st Digital School Transformation Platform

    SEED Launches Nigeria’s 1st Digital School Transformation Platform

    On Thursday 23 January 2020, Sustainable Education & Enterprise Development (SEED) announced the launch of a digital platform for a groundbreaking School Transformation Program. This pioneering platform, powered by Sophia ERP, will allow SEED to digitally deliver core components of our foundation program (http://www.seed.com.ng/foundation-program/) to schools, especially those serving children from low-income households. Over the last 18 months, SEED and Sophia ERP have digitized the first transformation component, the SEED Quality Assessment Tool (SQAT).

    SQAT is an innovative school development and continuous improvement tool that was developed to assess the quality of under-resourced schools and to provide a pathway for improvement. SQAT helps school leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, providing them with critical information to embark on the journey of school transformation. It breaks down the overwhelming concept of school quality into smaller, more manageable problems that can be solved through simple interventions, making visible the “invisible” factors of school quality in the shape of simple to understand indicators. It encourages school leaders to participate and own their school transformation journey, and provides a clear line of sight of how to get there.


    Technology – Our Solution To Scaling.

    SEED Digital School Transformation Platform.

    Innovation: Business Beyond Normal…..

    SEED believes in the importance of innovation in the education space, hence its partnership with Sophia ERP to accelerate progress to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all. In a recent UNESCO report, it was highlighted that without rapid acceleration from “business as normal”, the world is off-target to reach Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) by 2030.

    “We will leverage technology to ensure at least 10,000 schools with more than 1 million children benefit from support and resources to effectively improve the quality of their schoolsby 2030 in several developing countries, starting with Nigeria”said Olanrewaju Oniyitan, Executive Director, SEED.“With learnings and outcomes from this digital solution, we hope to drive improvements in impact and efficiency, serve diverse contexts, while maintaining quality at scale”.

    To achieve this, SEED is committed to migrating existing data of over 700 low-cost private schools in its network to the digital platform. It will further design new pilots, alongside relevant stakeholders, that are responsive to rapid cycle feedback and iteration. SEED will continue to iterate by adding other components of the School Transformation Program, creating additional features and functionalities, adding value for the end-user based on engagement data and feedback.

    About SEED: SEED, Sustainable Education & Enterprise Development is a social impact program developed by W-Holistic Business Solutions that helps schools that serve children from low-income families build lasting pathways towards improving education quality. We work with schools to ensure to ensure they have the capacity to tackle the most common obstacles that stand in the way of providing quality education to local communities. We envision a world with transformative schools that enable children, no matter their background, to thrive and succeed. For more information, visit www.seed.com.ng.

    About Sophia ERP: Sophia ERP Limited is an Enterprise/Digital Transformation Tech Company and the developers of Nigeria’s 1st indigenous ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution, on a mission to accelerate growth for Small, Medium and Large African Businesses with cost effective and suitable Technology solutions. With a wide range of Business Applications, Sophia ERP Limited powers Organisations in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Education, Aviation, Real Estate, Professional/Financial Services, Fashion, Retail and many more Sectors. For more information visit www.sophiaerp.com.

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