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    SEED Quality Assessment Tool (SQAT)

    SEED Quality Assessment Tool (SQAT) is an innovative school development and continuous improvement tool that was developed to assess the schools quality and to provide a pathway for improvement. SQAT helps school leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, providing them with critical information to embark on the journey of school transformation. Designed to be an annual performance evaluation tool, schools use this tool as a basis for the development of their School Transformation Plan (popularly known as the School Development Plan). This Plan now serves as the roadmap that triggers Training and Mentoring, Finance and Partner Support.

    SQAT is based on 6 thematic areas known as Drivers (D) broken down into 29 Domains (Do) and 86 indicators (Id).

    SQAT breaks down the overwhelming concept of school quality into smaller, more manageable problems that can be solved through simple interventions, making visible the “invisible” factors of school quality in the shape of simple to understand indicators. It encourages school leaders to participate and own their school transformation journey, and provides a clear line of sight of how to get there.


    Using a phone, tablet or computer, school owners from all over the world can take the SQAT survey to produce a result that allows them to see the details of their school’s quality on a dashboard. SQAT enables the school to know their current stance and position with respect to the 6 thematic areas of school development. Its scorecard is used to benchmark capabilities, measure improvements, and identify strengths and weaknesses of the school.

    SQAT scoring model adopts the traffic light colours: RED (Aspiring – SQAT rating from 0 to 1); AMBER (Emerging – SQAT rating from 2 to 3); and GREEN (Excelling – SQAT rating from 4 to 5).

    Through geo-tagging capabilities, SQAT can generate school quality maps for Local Government Areas (LGAs), States, Regions, etc, allowing the school owners, partners and other stakeholders to make targeted efforts and to better channel resources in a joint effort to transform their schools.

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    How SQAT Helps

    SQAT generates many tangible benefits for school owners. Those who use SQAT are able to:

    1. Visualize their school’s quality in a simplified way.
    2. Become actors, not objects, of education development.
    3. Break down the overwhelming concept of school quality into manageable fragments.
    4. Develop their School Transformation Plan to improve the quality of their schools.