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    Can you imagine your life with limited or no education? What if you had no opportunity to go to school or learn? No ability to read or write? How different would your life be? SEED envisions a future where every child no matter their geographical location or socio-economic status gets access to quality education so that they grow to become responsible adults with good jobs and/or businesses.

    Review the resources below to gain further information about affordable (low-cost) private education, the overwhelming education needs of children from low-income families, and the things SEED is doing to help.

    Reports & Articles

    Get access to our top reports and article picks on affordable (low-cost) private schools that SEED supports.

    Case Studies

    Several independent labs, centers and institutes engage faculty and students from across the school. Academic departments sponsor numerous other research labs.

    Policy/Brief Notes

    The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to School. Much of this faculty-driven research takes place within academic departments and interdisciplinary programs.


    Secondary School is home more than 20 individual libraries, each with a world-class collection of books, journals, films, maps, databases.

    Quick Facts From Resources

    Low-Cost Private Schools

    • Majority of low-cost private school proprietors are either just breaking even or suffering losses. For those making profits, gains are modest.
    • Most of these schools provide flexible payment schemes to help parents continue enrolling their children despite financial hardships.
    • Low-cost private schools may still not be as affordable to the poorest of the poor, so alternative solutions must be sought.


    • Millions of these families are refusing to wait until 2030 for universal access to become a global reality.
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    • Despite financial constraints, low-fee private school proprietors are investing in teacher trainings to ensure high teaching quality.
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    • Governments tend to take the view that private education should be discouraged or heavily regulated and that must change.
    • Private schools are booming in poor countries. Governments should either help them or get out of their way.